In 2008, I worked for a multinational company, and at the end of that same year Gui and I were to marry.

While working for this company, I saw a few of my co-workers were pregnant and all I could think was: “Will I want to work until the last day of my pregnancy?  What if I do? Or what if I choose to dedicate myself to my pregnancy? What if I want to stay with my newly born child more than just four months before returning to work?”  The lack of options was frightening. This was the seed that gave rise to “Com Licença”.  From here came a strong desire to better understand this question.  I wanted to comprehend the origin of so much insatisfaction and difficulties with maternity today.

In 2011, we became pregnant with Bel. This pregnancy was very challenging physically and I needed to remove myself from my daily work routine. It was at this moment that I started to research on this topic (work and maternity) and to interview people and specialists in the area.  From 2014 to the moment of this writing (June 2016), the dilemmas of this documentary invaded my life so completely and unexpectedly. I was living first-hand all the issues that I was learning about. Only now, in the beginning of 2016, another cycle is closing, and I have absolute certainty that the best thing that could have happened to this project was this period of pause. I return now with a new perspective, a vision, more ample and broad.  A project that touches the heart of anyone in its path.

  • This is the list of people who I talked to:

  • Cecília Russo Troiano, mother and author of “Vida de Equilibrista”

  • Marcus Renato de Carvalho, father and Pediatrician and web editor on www.aleitamento. com

  • Eleanor M. Luzes, Psychiatric and Ph. Science “Inicio da Vida”

  • Laura Uplinger, mother and Perinatal educator

  • Madeleine Wallin, mother and FEFAF CEO

  • Juliana Sawala, author of the survey Contemporary mothers (IBOPE Institute of Research)

  • Livia Barbora, mother and Anthropologist

  • Mario Sergio Cortella, father, Philosopher and Sociologist

  • Janice Cortella, mother, Journalist and Entrepreneur

  • Janaína Pinto, mother and Lawyer

  • Carolina Hofmeister, mother and Obstetrician

  • Ticiana Riboldi, mother and Economist

  • Renara Matteoni, mother and Lawyer

  • Carla Machado, mother and ANEP Brasil Director

  • Gabriela Laplane, mother and Economist

  • Helena Roballo, mother and Journalist

  • Daniella Guimarães, mother and First Childhood Dr.

  • Eduardo Vaz, father and CEO of Brazilian Pediatrics Society

  • Simone de Carvalho, mother and founder of AMS

  • Eduardo Neri, Ex-Minister of Government

  • Regina Madalozzo, mother and PhD Economy

  • Reinaldo Bulgarelli, Owner and Director of Txai Education and Consultant