1981. I was born April, 6th, the youngest of three sisters.

My dad was a civil engineer and my mother was a visual artist.  They met at an agriculture exposition in Cordeiro, a city in the country-side of Rio, where my family is from.  I spent my entire childhood in Cordeiro, listening to my uncles play their musical instruments, making bonfires in the yard, picking jabuticaba fruit from the tree...

I didn’t have much time to hear and live with my grandfather, but I know his band ‘Night and Day’, in which my grandmother was also a singer, was quite popular at the neighborhood dances.  I grew up amongst all these musical notes and at age five I insisted to my mother that I wanted to learn the piano.  

I would spend nearly all my vacations at Arraial do Cabo, my favorite spot on the Brazilian map, in a condo built by my father.  There I made the best memories of my teenage years…sunsets at the gate, hide-and-go-seek around the condo, avocado popsicles, the fine sand of Praia Grande gently whipping at our legs, laying on a mattress in the middle of the soccer field to see the full moon at night...Guitar…and always many friends.  Oh, how that house has stories.

1999. From age five to eighteen I started taking piano classes at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music. In that year I started college to study Architecture. My college years were filled with many experiences: I made my best friends, I opened my mind to new things, I went parachuting and hang-gliding, got some tattoos and fell in love.. I lived that time intensely. I got my bachelor’s degree in 2003.

2005. At twenty-five, I decided to re-invent myself.  I went back to college to study Administration/Marketing.  I worked at the university’s advertising department and later at Red Bull and Coca-Cola.  In 2008, I discovered I needed to dedicate myself to my greatest passion: “Umpraum”.

“Umpraum” became my first child. I united everything I always loved: listening to stories and transforming them into images and sound. Personal documentaries, life stories told by those who live them. So many stories: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays - 1 year, 50 years, 60 years, 70.  More than 1500 interviews.  “Umpraum” still happens. (see “Umpraum’s” story)


2012. Bel is born. My first ‘real’ daughter. I also begin to produce the documentary entitled “Com Licenca”.  I dove in with all the pain and pleasures that is maternity.  I read books and dedicated myself to the pregnancy like I had always planned. I was able to dedicate myself to my daughter exclusively for one year, and as is customary to say: “Bel was our greatest luxury…”                                        

2014.  Maria, our second daughter is born. With her, came a flood of new feelings of a new maternity, and I discovered some of my shadows I had never seen before.  Real life was knocking at my door.  With two babies in the house, I was not able to return to my work routine, even doing what I loved.  I dove deep into questions about what it meant to be a mother, and I started a difficult cycle that would only come to a close some time later.

2015/2016. Many life cycles came to a close and opened space for other new ones.  Everything that was born with motherhood (re-)activated in me my greatest mission:  to touch people.