This is the right place to find that gift for an entire lifetime.  Some moments demand a present that is invaluable, immaterial. Some people bring stories that need to be registered for future generations.  It’s a heirloom to be left behind. What is it worth for your great-grandchild to know his/her origin?

I see the birthday party as a small and important part of a life story.  This is exactly the objective of our product:  a very special registry, unique and delicate, of the child’s life up to that moment.  Add to the videos and photos for the personal archive of the client, a brief account from the parents, edited from a quick conversation at the end of the party where emotions are in their purest form. The video production is approximately 8 minutes in length, and my clients  know,  it’s worth every minute.  These videos can be very intimate and private so I can not display one here  but send me an email and I can send you a link so you can see for yourself.  The video below is a quick teaser to give you a little taste…

umpraum mini 

A video to be shown on the day of the party, pulled together with content from an interview recorded with the parents and the child plus personal photos of the client.  The video below was played minutes before singing “Happy Birthday”, the entire party stopped to watch the little, grand story of Alice’s life, who at only three years old has touched so many.  It was only a few minutes long, but it gave a whole greater meaning to the festivities. (Aside, of course, from being another an eternal keepsake for the family’s memory archives.


Do you do this, Bia?  Yes!

Nowadays we save everything in the cloud, on the hard drive, on a pen drive (which we can lose), and almost never bother ourselves to organize it so that our memories are stored in a way that is accessible, beautiful, simple and eternal.  This service, different what what you may think, also requires the client to be involved. The video below was made for the 46th year anniversary of my own parents. A video like this can be made for any occasion.  It’s a much simpler format, quicker to produce and more financially accessible.