“Umpraum” or “one-to-one, was born in 2006, when a great friend of mine was to get married. I decided to create a video that could tell the couple’s story. As was habit, everything was registered - photos, videos, hand-written notes on napkins - I created a script, contracted an editor and this gave birth to “Umpraum”.  

The name came from ‘architecture’ my first major in college - 1:1 (umpraum/one-to-one).  
My idea was to capture the lives of my subjects at the most granular of detail at a 1:1 scale.  From then on, I started to take courses in video editing. I bought a small hard-drive, which became my best friend for quite a while.  That hard-drive still sits on a table in my room at my parents’ house.  In this period I was studying for my second degree, Administration, and I worked at Red Bull. My nights and weekends were always busy with filming and interviewing.  Projects for friends or their parents were always creeping up.  
Gui and I (only my boyfriend at the time) were always working,  pouring all our passion into everything.  Until 2008, when I decided to let everything go and dive deep into my venture.  
I quit my job, Gui and I got married, I presented my final project at college (about ‘umpraum’) and I dedicated myself to what I really knew how to do: extract from people the best of their relationships.

From then to now, have been numerous life stories... Anniversaries, first birthdays, 50th birthdays, 60th, 70th, weddings.  
Stories that are worth registering so that future generations can have access to their origins.  

Today, a mother of two girls, I realize the immeasurable value of this and I know this work has a magical importance in the lives of the people who have passed through here.  They can, each time they return to their stories, remember their essence, what really is important to them, remember the taste and smell of the best part of their lives. Want to see a little of what my clients have to say about ‘Umpraum’?